VST test


A try out of two new VST’s. The Redtron is emulating a mellotron quite nicely, and the KX-Polm-CSE is a modern sounding synth with an easy interface.

The latter VST can be downloaded from this site:

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What you see is what you get (song)

New on soundcloud – 4 guitar parts, 4 vocal parts and the rest soft synths.


This song is about reading, hearing, seeing the news. It is not alays what you think, and one should be critical of any angle the media and politicans throw at us.

Thanks to Pleudoniem and Mark J. Bennett for commenting on an earlier version.

This version is a downloadable mp3 Creative Commons SA BY NC for now.


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New music – Canal Rag, Jazz “from Moscow”, Mountain brook and South American Poem





Comments welcome

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concert You music – september 5th 2014

Will play bass in concert for You-Music on september 5th.


We’ll play 10 songs, 9 originals and Happy by Keith Richards.



Free entrance, doors open 21.00.

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Seriation (free VST test) by Oorlab Dickv on Mixcloud

In this track you can hear the freeware VST’s : Podolski, Brzoza, Trancedrive and the arpeggiator RANDarp.

Comments welcome.

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Sunflower by Don Beekeeper

Interesting nightly colours in this print.

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South American Poem

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