Seriation (free VST test) by Oorlab Dickv on Mixcloud

In this track you can hear the freeware VST’s : Podolski, Brzoza, Trancedrive and the arpeggiator RANDarp.

Comments welcome.

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Sunflower by Don Beekeeper

Interesting nightly colours in this print.

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South American Poem

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Demo for one synth challenge 65


see about the challenge
challenge for 1 vst. deadline 1st of August

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Drinking Whiskey, You’re the One

Drinking Whiskey, You're the One.

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1914, June – August




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4x times speeded up film

Small clip of Amersfoort today – speeded up 4 times. And the music accompanying it.
Downloadable for the coming few days.

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