Writings on the wall

Inspired by minimal techno / house music from Berlin on the lable Ostgut. This track has 128 BPM and features a freeware Minimogue VST that you can read about and download on the KVR website.

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Had the pleasure to visit (one of) the most beautiful Lighthouse(s) in the Netherlands – Brandaris in the Waddensea


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Mandoline & synths

Maybe not the most appropriate combination, but I felt like experimenting a bit with a mandoline piece. I added reverb in the mix, and 3 tracks of freeware VST synths. You can hear and download an MP3 version and download loose FLAC stems from CCmixter:


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Banjo track

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Sue – new David Bowie music

After listening 4 times I can say this is really outstanding. The drums from the Maria Schneider Orchestra really make the difference. If this was an electronic production, there would be less to enjoy musicwise in this new David Bowie song called Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime). The vocals are spot on, and the orchestra builds up frantically while a soprano saxophone somewhere in the distance adds details.
Compare this to what? It is unlike almost anything Bowie did – and that is a hard act to follow. Might remind us a bit of what Bjork did with Big Band settings (It’s Oh So Quiet). And somehow Zappa comes to mind (Grand Wazoo) – if you leave out Bowie’s vocals.

Maria Schneider Orchestra: http://www.mariaschneider.com/
Bowie’s singel on youtube: http://youtu.be/3GodUgnO7lY

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VST test


A try out of two new VST’s. The Redtron is emulating a mellotron quite nicely, and the KX-Polm-CSE is a modern sounding synth with an easy interface.

The latter VST can be downloaded from this site:

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What you see is what you get (song)

New on soundcloud – 4 guitar parts, 4 vocal parts and the rest soft synths.


This song is about reading, hearing, seeing the news. It is not alays what you think, and one should be critical of any angle the media and politicans throw at us.

Thanks to Pleudoniem and Mark J. Bennett for commenting on an earlier version.

This version is a downloadable mp3 Creative Commons SA BY NC for now.


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