Kasteel – Castle – Chateau

Clip at youtu.be/q9cfuFkQ-74

Paid DL https://oorlab.bandcamp.com/track/kasteel-castle-chateau

Picture – Cothen, Open Monumentendag 2017
Used VST’s: Shortcircuit with Soundfonts Sonatina Symphonic Orhestra and Campbells Harpsichord; Portatief One free edition 2009 Virtual Organ Company, TyrellN6 01, Redtron from Artifake Labs.
Also containing bird sounds : Knossos Ruins, Crete – crows by Maciej Janasik – http://archive.org/details/aporee_14959_17432 CC BY NC

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Demon of Love

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Watercourse – VST test + waterfall clip

Clip at

A downloadable MP3 version without the 2 guitar parts is available at: https://hearthis.at/1546919/

After watching a tutorial from JunkieXL about his favorite Plugins I decided to give Native Instruments another try. Two years ago I downloaded their player Reaktor and a Module but never got any sound out of it, as it used a ‘slightly’ different technique for being activated into my DAW Cubase. Without going too much into details here is a recipy: Download the native NI player Reaktor 6
It comes as an ISO file (277 Mb) , you’ll need some program to ‘mount’ it. In my case I found WinCDEmu-4.1 to do the trick.
But then you are only halfway – you will also need to have installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64 in my case).
During this installing and mounting – the PC needs to be restarted several times, so take some time for this.
The you have a lpayer, but no sound yet. You may freely download a softsynth from NI. I chose MIKRO PRISM
That cannot play in a DAW (Cubase in my case) on its own, but needs to be loaded as an ‘ensemble’ into the player. After some tweaking and trying, lo & behold, the Reaktor Player is visible in the VST plgin list in Cubase.
The sound is convincing, CPU usage must be quite high.

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Ukele played live and recorded with the trusted EdirolR-09HR, piano played with the freeware VST Piano One, and harpsichord with Soundfonts from Campbell Harpsichord. The synth at the end is done with freeware VST Orpheus made by B. Serrano www.vst4free.com/free_vst.php?plu…=Orpheus&id=2278

This piece is dedicated to the house where my sister and me were born and grew up – fond memories. Passing it on to new generations.

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“Crypto coins start trading” – with iPad freeware synths module Tabletop


During the holiday, I had some free time to try out a few music apps on the old iPad. From the six I came across, Tabletop was the most useful, for me.

The interface is quite clean and intuitive, and easy to use. I used the audio output to record a mix because the app does not seem to have an export function.

As happens more often, I tried out a few titles for this piece. First I chose “Octavia”, roman female name randomly picked. But that didn’t seem to have any connection with the beat. Then I thought about the always inspiring Plitvice lakes, the falling lakes with the majestic waterfalls… but that image also didn’t seem to fit the feel of the music.

In between watching Stephen Colbert’s The late show on youtube (with all the current Trump news for me the number one go to source of information – humour is a good medicine) I was served with an advertisement that said: Start trading! The major Crypto coins from the Top 500.

The current bubble in the making will have a crypto component, so this musical collage can be a warning for aspiring crypto-traders. The IMF has some advice for the crypto trade (also known as Distributed Ledger Technology):
Fintech and financial services: initial considerations.

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“Come with me”

Had a jolly good time covering a song of a fellow Forum member, Crystalsuzy at the Songrwiter Forum Kitchen. More on this challenge on the forum thread.

Thanks to Pleudoniem for adding spoken word and Crystalsuzy for the thumbs up.

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Sara Teasdale, poems set to music

With the great help of Kellie Rowley:


Links to accompanying clips in the descriptions on soundcloud.

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