Reality Jiu-jitsu (jazz)


jazz track , 2 parts Hagstrom hollowbody, drums and keyboard. Roughly edited, mixed for simple room sound. Comments welcome. Stems upon request.

Title comes from Fire and Fury. Thanks to Mark Hoogslag for the tip.


Clip at

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Like twin fawns

Title from Song of songs (Salomo)


thanks to Graham West , Jon Charlie and Paul Janszen for reposting.

Discussed at Songwriter Forum Kitchen

Like twin fawns

If I went to Malaysia
would you go with me?
Into the jungle,
or the deep blue sea?

I remember
How it was, like twin fawns
that was us.

Oh no,
I admit it,
I was the masterthief
Who stole your heart
or that’s what you
made me believe.

If I end up in China
Will you look me up?
And climb that mountain,
’till we reach the top?

There is a doorway
I got the key –
Right here in my hand:
I’ll give it back
to you,
But don’t take it far away
Like twin fawns
that were us.

May 10th 2018

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Voor Eva,
15 April 2018 – clip at
Contains slide guitar on Hagstrom hollowbody + halion Symphonic package.
Picture – gravity-flickr-S65-30427-Edward-White-II-1965june3


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Verbatim – clip with ambient music

A simple collage

<p><a href=”″>Verbatim – collage</a> from <a href=””>3eilanden</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


The music can be heard here

Comments welcome


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Hagstrom guitar

Bought a new second hand guitar a few weeks ago – a hollow body Hagstrom HJ800

A first recording can be heard and downloaded here

It has a warm jazzy sound, smooth playing neck.

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Gethsemane (Easter 2018)

My father wrote this poem in 1944 and with 3eilanden we put it to music in 2011:

Now it is relaunched on Spotify

by way of Distrokid. I am hoping to get some feedback on the soundquality. Are there differences in sound quality?




S. Vestdijk

Waakt met mij, éen nacht, éen uur, éen oogwenk,
Opdat ik de plek voel waar gij zijt.
Kunt gij waken, strijdend tegen lijfsdwang,
Kunt ge ook troosten met aanwezigheid.

Zóo zijn goden vaak op ’t eind vereenzaamd,
Menschonwaardig haav’loos en verkild,
Dat zij need’rig smeeken om de bijstand
Van een vriend die ’t zelfde heeft gewild.

En zij gaan ongaarne in de doodsstrijd
Waar geen spiegel zelfs hen gadeslaat,
En zij huiv’ren voor de bleeke nanacht,
Als de haan kraait en de vriend verraadt.

Waakt met mij, éen nacht, éen uur, éen oogwenk,
Slaap is maar een smalle overzij,
En wanneer de slaap u tóch vermeestert,
Breekt uit droomen los, en waakt met mij.

Thanatos aan banden (1948) – Verzamelde gedichten ed. Martin Hartkamp 1971


Wake with me one night, one hour, one moment
So that I can feel the place where you are
Can you wake, fighting against your body
Can you comfort by being here
So are gods, lonely in the end
Unhumanly poor and cold,
That they humbly beg for mercy
From a friend who wanted it the same

And they go reluctant to their death throes
where no mirror even watches over them
And they shiver for the pale late night
When the cock crows and the friend betrays
Wake with me one night, one hour, one moment
Sleep is only a small other side
And if sleep still overcomes you
Break from dreams, and wake with me.

vertaling Dick Vestdijk – april 2011

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Oh the Sea (positive ska song)

Entry for…se-join/ the “write an extremely positive song” challenge.

Oh the sea, oh the sea,
The cooling breeze is saving me.
On this blue sky sunny day
The waves are dancing in the bay.

I’ll be rising,
early morning,
listen darling,
Time to go.

Where ‘s the night
To cover us
From this summer’s
desert dust
Keep it cool
in the swimming pool
in the first rays
of that morning sun

We’ll be rising
early morning
Listen honey
no time to loose

Bb C

Ocean breeze
stay at ease
summer sun
will you come back please
oh the sea
is cooling me
keeping me
happy & free.
me & my spirit
are on the road
rising to the sea

D D# | C A7
D Gm | A7

E F# G A
E F# G C7

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