Oh the Sea (positive ska song)


Entry for http://www.songwriter-forum-kitchen.com/forum/co…se-join/ the “write an extremely positive song” challenge.

Oh the sea, oh the sea,
The cooling breeze is saving me.
On this blue sky sunny day
The waves are dancing in the bay.

I’ll be rising,
early morning,
listen darling,
Time to go.

Where ‘s the night
To cover us
From this summer’s
desert dust
Keep it cool
in the swimming pool
in the first rays
of that morning sun

We’ll be rising
early morning
Listen honey
no time to loose

Bb C

Ocean breeze
stay at ease
summer sun
will you come back please
oh the sea
is cooling me
keeping me
happy & free.
me & my spirit
are on the road
rising to the sea

D D# | C A7
D Gm | A7

E F# G A
E F# G C7

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Earliest tracks on soundcloud

On my quest to early days tracks on soundcloud I am checking the profiles of the folks I started following when I came to SC – back in ca. 2010. This is the oldest track by Einzelganger (Thijs Geritz from Den Haag)

Autumn in New York (2009) – music & fieldrecording

Here the playlist until now – will be updated regularly.

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Fast jet

Lyrics by Stan Major – https://soundcloud.com/smajor1

Clip https://youtu.be/_lRwfDhll3I
Fast Jet
Stan Major feb 2018

There’s a fat man on a pogo stick…
I think he’s goin’ down.

There’s a fast jet leavin’;
I ain’t stickin’ round.

The world I knew has come apart;
all I hear are pointless lies.

I’m hopin’ that I don’t regret
my new life under Aztec skies.

Gotta get a new identity;
I think I’ll join the C.I.A.

The fat man on that pogo stick…
I think he’s lost his way

A fast jet
to Mexico,
that’s how I flew.
I see Mazatlan below.

Where is the landfall of that hurricane
they said is gonna come?

I’ll app you when I get there
under the Aztec sun.

Cowboy on that pogo stick
is showing off his gun.

Darling let’s go underground
until this wind has blown;

no telling where it’s heading,
in which quarters it will roam.

A fast jet
to Mexico,
that’s how I flew.
I see Mazatlan below.

When I left out of Birmingham
my guts you know were in a knot (I left my money on the table)
the T.S.A. grabbed my balls
I thought that I’d been caught in a rut (nothing to declare)
but still I got on board
without getting shot
Without getting shot
without getting

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Life forever changed (song)

Quick one, 126 BPM, basic midi synth layout, vocals + guitar added quick&dirty. Title taken from a remark from Tori Amos in a Kate Bush doc.

Life forever changed
The minute I met you baby,
Life forever changed.
It heard it through my ears
Something new and inspiring
to brush away the fears.

Nothing stays the same
after the storm
come back, o moment
before you’re gone.

I saw the muse over your head

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Thoughts on Spotify (twitter discussion)

Radiohead’s singer Thom Yorke retweeted a thread on twitter about Spotify, at almost the same time as I searched it for some new insights in how to get one’s music up on that platform.

Yorke pointed to the question put forward by Geoff Barrow (Portishead):

“Ok quick question for musicians How many of you have personally made more than £500 from Spotify

The answers were diverse and informative, ranging from a few pounds/ euros to quite some amounts (‘ £3.5k per million plays if on an indie label’ says Daniel Broadly or
‘20000 streams to pay £100 to the rights holder’ as Dan le Sac writes). It seems the genre specific playlists are important, and there is a big difference if you are with a record label of if you use services like Tunecore or CD-Baby. And off course if you are the rights-owner

Some folks mention cunning ways to make some money from Spotify

The general opinion seems to be that streaming services are not really treating musicians (and other content creators) well, and that only a very few strike gold.

Bandcamp and Musicoins (blockchain for paying artists, governed by the laws of the Hong Kong, only MP3) got thumb ups, sort off. Also the idea of a Musicians Union was floated.

Things may change…


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“I believe in Father Christmas” open collaboration call by Mark J. Bennett

Peter Sinfield (lyrics) music: Greg Lake. Originally published in 1975. My take is based on an open collaborative vocal stem / acappella by Mark J. Bennet that can be downloaded here:  https://soundcloud.com/markjbennett/i-believe-in-father-christmas-open-collaboration

A clip can be seen on youtube:



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Road to Zanzibar


Chords used: C F A

G  F  Em  D

Gm  F#

Travel Song Competition at
https://www.songwriter-forum-kitchen.com/ Travel Song //
December 2017.

Thanks to Mark Hoogslag & Cees Budding for comments (+text addition for the 4th verse  by Cees).

Well I travel the road to Zanzibar
We go by ship, and then we take a car

By the time , we get to Oran
I’m sure wel will have a plan.

We’ll be listening to Benny Sings all day,
a cheerful tune to keep the blues away.
The desert is an emty space,
if you don’t know where to look,
as is the case.
But wait ’till we got our Saharaglasses on.

“You should be driving home”

Still cruising down to Zanzibar,
haggling for a camel in a local bar.
cellphone’s gone, only radio
where Agadez may be, I don’t really know.
Compass says it’s over there
but the poles are shifting so let’s take care

On the road to Zanzibar
You may think that it’s really far,
(tell me, tell me, how far it is)
but singing this travelling song
There is really nothing we could long,
for, The road to Zanzibar.

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