Collaboration with jh0st : “Clean desk”

with a clip at

+ new on bandcamp two older tracks:

please do visit the website of jh0st for his music, drawings and pictures. Highly recommended:

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Space love

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New song – 2 tracks acoustic guitar, Vdrums, keys (bass, strings, piano) and 2 tracks vocals.


Tell me the story
of the lighthouse
out of the window
to the east.

Looking out
over fields of green
must be the deepest horizon,
we’ve ever seen.

So hard to say
so long, goodbye.
Whenever you’re ready
I am willing to try

Suddenly remember
heartlfelt & in motion
as we re-energized.

Into the night
and out of the way
the fog comes
climbing from the day.

Watching the sun rise
from the bed
on which I was laying
cold on my head.

A pelican’s flying
over your house,
a good way of telling
the road to the south.

A forest can give you
homesteading and more
a new way of living,
search & explore.

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Spy in the Library

Last week I was trying to figure out how to play Bob Marley’s Redemption song, when this riff came to me. I worked on it for some days, filling in the blanks quite fast. Thanks to @progrockdan for comments on an earlier version.
Dedicated to the librarians past present and future.

Spy in the library

Expecting to be instructed
as soon as I cover my tracks
I didn’t do it for the money
only aimed for balance and checks

As this rain keeps on falling,
It feels like the sun won’t come back,
through this window of opportunity:
The light seeps through the crack.

Tonight I am the spy
In the library.
I’ll keep watching
from the hollow tree.

You know where I am coming from
and also where I am going to,
back to the holo deck, in the harbour town,
I’ll be waiting on you.

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Oronsay ( 11th Song of the Sea)

Mark J. Bennett – backing vocals and lyrics
Dan Lockhart – guitar, bass, chords
Dick Vestdijk – vocals, lyrics, other instruments.


was it love of sailing
or fear of flying
you took this ship
the man who fell to earth

On the Oronsay
to the rise and fall

Was it stardust
quicksand from which
dreams are woven
or fear of losing
your wits
the man who sold the world

was it a way
in your eyes
or in the papers

On the Oronsay
to the rise and fall

did you dine
at the captain’s table
across the pacific
and follow the sun
come back again
to where you begun

as a Blackstar

On the Oronsay
to the rise and fall

More information on Bowie’s sailing travels :

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– published on March 30th 2016. The title comes from the book Linked : the new science of networks by Albert-László Barabási, Cambridge MA : Perseus publishing, 2002.

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New collaborations: After the music, Rock the Cradle & Mackie Messer

Had to pleasure to work with Crasue from Mexico on “After the music”,
Alan Ingall (Newshoe) on “Rock the Cradle” and “Mackie Messer” with Fingerstyle_guitar.
You can hear these tracks here:

The song Mack the Knife / Mackie Messer is actually called “Die Moritat von Mackie Messer” from the famous Die Dreigroschenoper, Three Penny Opera by Kurt Weill and Bertholt Brecht (1928).

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