“Come with me”

Had a jolly good time covering a song of a fellow Forum member, Crystalsuzy at the Songrwiter Forum Kitchen. More on this challenge on the forum thread.

Thanks to Pleudoniem for adding spoken word and Crystalsuzy for the thumbs up.

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Sara Teasdale, poems set to music

With the great help of Kellie Rowley:


Links to accompanying clips in the descriptions on soundcloud.

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Stockholm impressions (demo soundtrack)



Will visit Stockholm in the first week of May. To make myself a bit acquainted with the city I looked at Flickr videos from Stockholm, and found some real nice clips with a Creative Commons licence. So I re-used those and made some music to it. Just a sketch for now. Comments as always – welcome.

Links to the Flickr accounts with the CC videos:

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Blue on Blue




Thanks to Mark Hoogslag for the saxophone parts.

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“So far so good”


Started out as a drum solo on Vdrum. Built up from that with several synth parts.

Picture used can be viewed here in its entirety : https://flic.kr/p/RRxB6e

The lyrics start optimistic ( I dedicate that part of the song to Kata) – but end with a warning (about Donald T.)

So far so good
How nice you understood

Sit down and mellow with me
Look at it from all angles to see
Anyway you think of, draw up, paint it
Fake it, shake it, lay down
break the basic attitude.

I got my cards on the table for you
no tricks, no secrets up my sleeve
you can see right through


Dark suit, big hat
Slow walk, night cat
set trap, ship shape

You can fill in the blanks
wrap up the deal
but did you really think
you can own what you steal?


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7 Days 7 Years


Collaboration with Ryan T. James from Toronto, Canada.

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Under the sun – remix of Bentcousin

with kind permission of the ever inventive & inspiring Bentcousin twins Pat & Amelia. Do listen to their music: https://soundcloud.com/bentcousin

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