Remember the future & Prepperland

Two new songs recently launched. One is a collaboration with learningtoplay called Remember the future

The other is a solo-effort, inspired by an article I read in the Economist about Troglodytes (aka as preppers) called How to await the apocalypse in style.

Remember the future
That flows from the past
It’s happening now my friend,
I like it to last
All like a future
That is going to last
I love this life I lead
free from war and strife
we all need to believe
we can share this life
only with love is our future clear
only with love
Remember the future
forget religion, race and politics and class
free from our identities just you and me
we’ll live a future fair and free
a future
that will last
Only with love
D      D6
Ronnie is selling
Fmaj7      Bb
High-end fall out shelters.
D D6
Liberals taking control,
Fmaj7 Bb
The Union’s falling apart.
Everyone hiding in their hole
Bb A7
Powergrid failing.
Em Gm
I’m looking through the keyhole,
to what’s happening in Prepperland.
Em Gm
I’m looking through the keyhole,
to what’s happening in Prepperland.
I don’t understand
All of the pharmacies
got robbed in the night.
And all of this civilization
That we held so dear,
is bound to disappear:
Here come the robots!
Ronnie is praying
that his kids will be okay,
Fires are raging
in the forests along the way.
Refugees waiting in line
to take that jump,
from the cliff.
Em Gm
I counted on your sanity
but I admit I don’t understand
Bm C
How this got so out of hand.
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Melody from a dream (MuseScore)




Last night – early morning, I was dreaming, I was walking a street with an old friend, we encountered a lady I had not seen for a long time, she sang this melody. I rarely have dreams from which I can actually remember a melody.

I played it quick & dirty in Cubase, then edited it in the Piano Roll and Score edit. After that, I reinstalled MuseScore, exported midi from Cubase (Elements, that does not support MuicXL, so I had to manuallu adjust the imported score in MuseScore). Above a printscreen, and a link to the full PDF.

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Warts & all
I was caught by surprise:
Tell me, tell me,
Where have you gone?
I am listening now,
To your song –
Listening still,
Listening here.

Drifting drifting
on the sea,
Tides are turning
between you & me.
I wanted to go
To a better place.
But I’m still
on that chase.

Come on lover
The sun is here
The clouds are gone
and have no fear.
Let’s do this dance,
Nothing to loose.
Life is a gift
if you so choose.

There’s a change
in the wind.
It’s falling right
from above.
Stand the ground
that we have found.
Don’t cut me loose
don’t let me drift

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Trajan (on

Embedding from is very simple – just paste the link on a new line and don’t make it a link.

This is a new track on – I usually post on Soundcloud, but also interested to try other platforms. in its free version only accepts mp3’s. Otherwise it is basically the same as soundcloud.

Trajan = 118 BPM.

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New music August – October 2019

After Upgrading from 7 to 10 of the you know which operating system, I had and still have some ‘compatibility’ issues, with the music hard- and software that I used for years in 7, without any real problem. Here are some recent tracks I managed to extract from the machine in 10. Probably some moons will pass before I can get back to my usual workflow, where the oddities of the software and PC don’t interfere with the plain musicmaking.

Comments welcome, here & on soundcloud.

Instrumental featuring the violin – picture is from lake Vrana on the Croatian island Cres.

A song for the bimonthly( or so ) songwriting challenge on the Songwriter Forum Kitchen. The them was ‘ghost related’, in the broadest sense.

A short instrumental – to test a new installation of the PC.

Login – a song inspired by ‘computerproblems’
Login or retrieve
No machine can hold you down
The word is, I believe:
“We are the city,
We can make that sound!”

Login or release
and if trust is so denied
Blind & blunt
The whistle blows
And the pale rider’s coming close.

Login your heart, I know
Login to time, that’s here & real.

An instrumental, mostly Synthmaster One (KV331), acoustic guitar and some Halion. Some of the plugins and settings were not stable during the making of this, I found out that my motherboard is actually not well equipped to run 10. I am not sure how this exactly effects my Cubase setup, but I guess I will have to continue tweaking the DAW and hardware.

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Trio Gig – Unlooped

I bought a CD this summer in Split – Trio Gig – Unlooped (Croatia records 2016). The name doesn’t suggest it, but the album gives subtle classical oriented yet modern music for piano, soprano and tenor saxophone. One of the compositions is from Mirela Ivičević – called Growing 3 – 2007. You can hear it here if you are on Tidal –

and here if you are a Soundcloud user

The only criticism I’d give is about the album booklet: The Croatian text is in pristine black lettering but the English translation unfortunately in a light silly green, quite unreadable.

If you happen to be in Split, be sure to visit – Croatia Records Music Shop: at Narodni Trg 11 quite near the famous Palace of Diocletianus (Diocletian’s Palace).

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Tomcat on the doorstep

This is an instrumental, funk-based, inspired by the open sound of Steely Dan.
Also on Bandcamp

and (in a slightly different version) on youtube

ISRC NL-1BH -19-00011

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