Fool for love

A version mastered by Régulo Tortolero from The Plugs is on

Thanks to Cees for singing on this one. The track evolved over many moons, expanded, shortened – guitars & effects added and taken out again. From each iteration some fragment was left – so it is a bit of a strange brew: quite some layers in this one. But the message remains – we are fools for love.
Picture : Jean Darnell, 1915 (archive photoplay)

Carry on the moment
present itself right here,
gazing at the stage
wonder if the time is near.
Something I want to tell you
but it doesn’t feel right.

Checking all the lines
as soon as the bassdrum’s set.

She is a fool for love and she knows it
Well I am a fool for love and I know it.

She is coming,
she is going.
But a fool goes around:
no-one seems to try,
no-one seems to hide.

Things that I know I’ve had in mind.

And the fool for love ‘s been around:
she is a fool for love and she knows it.

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Grace be brave

You’re kindly invited to listen to and comment on the newest collaboration with Mark J. Bennett and Daniel Lockhart, called Grace be brave. It is a ballad about a courageous young woman who with her father rescued survivors from a shipwreck.

Here you can see a clip:

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two demo’s on

I think you can call it mindfulness


Experimental inspiring a nation (GOP prelimininary debate)

Two pieces I put on – another platform for sharing music. It has promoted itself and is said by others to be the new soundcloud. I find the interface a bit cluttered with options and buttons compared to soundcloud.  But the music streams and lets itself be put in playlists, liked, commented on etc etc.

Soundcloud today gave as a search result on Syria, filtered for location Syria – 297 people, only 1 – a feature I always liked in the first version of Myspace was that you can search for a certain music style in a certain location. Gives you an idea of the global reach of a platform.

Hearthis at was founded by Benedikt Groß from Chemnitz in Germany in March 2013.

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Music for Winnetou & Old Shatterhand

Loved the books of Karl May and also the films made by Harald Reinl about the Apache Chief Winnetou and his white ‘blood brother’ Old Shatterhand. Large part of the appeal of the films was the co-production between Italy, France, Yugoslavia and Germany (where Karl May came from). The wonderful landscape of Velebit, Zrmanja and Plitvice in Croatia was used in the films, and inspired me to make this music:




here is the clip I made :




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Vindication for Athena


here are  the lyrics. For fun I translated them with Google translate into latin:


Oh Athena
they put a price on your soul
and corrupted your spirit
and were deaf to your call

Under the light of Alexandria
Behind Rome’s sword & shield
these unnatural men
only desire profit & yield.

oh Athena
pretium autem animam tuam
et perdidisti spiritus
et vocaveris défuit

Sub lucem Alexandrini
post gladius & scutum Romae
haec contra naturam hominum
& putant lucrum cedat.

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Thrown games – 2 songs about corruption


Toxic Tuxedo

Ooh yeah!

You can’t blame it on me
I could use the money
I was ready for your hand
What is there to understand?

Everybody needs a bit
From needy girls to
Dough or shit – I

Loved that purse in shady black
I could hear it singing back
’twas dying to be taken
With chances on the sly

And I was glad to do it
The dirtier the better
The greasier the fatter
‘Cos I could get away with it


You offered me a gainful job
And she gave me a joyride,
She’d also heard your call
And gladly took an upside

But now the feds are closing in, and
Who’s to lose, and who’s to win

I’m dueling the choice
Of money or some inner voice

The flipside of the coin, mocks
Dancing round on heads and tails
Your yaught in Athens’ still for sale
To bulge another fairytale

(creaky radio voice)
They’re knocking on your door
Your pants are down
As you were having fun
But face it, you’re too fat to run
The years have plumped your gait
The weight of always being right
I didn’t pay you back
I just paid you your due

together with Pleudoniem’s Toxic Tuxedo this song was inspired by recent Fifa / Sepp Blatter corruption stories. If half of these are true it still is a crying shame.

Match fixing
Album Thrown games

Hide behind your hedge
banker swears a hollow pledge
fix that match
cash that catch
find that referee
willing to take that secret fee

Thruth belongs to no-one

Here comes the fixer
Game is set & done
Who cares about a verdict
when you’re on the run

The Chop-Chop Café
on Athen’s western outskirts
that’s the place to be
for a gamble & a samba

I am innocent
& have nothing to do
with these accusations
you know it wasn’t me
Besides, I’ve got a lawyer

Truth belongs to no-one




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New music on Reverbnation, Chunjié, year of the snake

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