Come rest ye merry gentlemen (Vondelkoor 2018)

Enjoy the winter passing to spring, peace & love to you all:

Most folks will know this carol by its Christian title God rest ye merry gentlemen. Wikipedia mentions title variants such as “God Rest You Merry People All” or “Come rest ye merry, gentlemen” ,whereby implying that resting is merry, and not the gentlemen.

For our version I chose “Come rest ye merry gentlemen” as a more logical invitation. This title I found also in the 1917 book “The effective small home” by Mrs. Lilian (Bayliss) Green. (published by R.M. McBride).

“Off in the distance we could hear a group of men and girls singing that lovely old carol, “Come Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Let Nothing Ye Dismay.” On they came trudging past us through the snow, leaving us thrilled by their simple music.”

“God rest ye merry gentlemen” goes back also a long way.
Older reference I could find in Googlebooks :

“Such songs as ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ (old tune), the Wassail song from Sussex, or the Sheep-shearing Song from Somerset, are worthy of much study as fine examples of the old English use of modal scales”

Daniel Gregory Mason – 1915
The art of music : a comprehensive library of information for music lovers and musicians
by Mason, Daniel Gregory, 1873-1953, ed

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2 new songs: Deck of Cards & Spies in the field




ISRC codes:
NL-1BH-18-00004 – Spies in the field
NL-1BH-18-00005 – Deck of Cards

Deck of cards

My friend, serene
the world may seem,
but a storm is on the rise.

Birds are fleeing,
that’s whaty I’m seeing
when I watch these yellow skies.

On this journey,
on our travels,
we have to cut out all this fear

Chorus : So shuffle this deck of cards

Here’s to good times
in the sunshine
the future never is the same

On the lookout
for an endgame
on this ever running train

Chorus So shuffle this deck of cards

Smarter living
sands are shifting
tracks are moving all the time

Where’s the compass
in our distress
showing us a straighter line.

Chorus So shuffle this deck of cards


Spies in the field

You know the living light
of searching will be
keeping us from harm’s way.
And so that we can know
the truth from lies.

Embers glowing getting dirty hands
While digging in the garden
tonight we are the spies
in the field.

I will help you out
with everything:
Show the way
to cross that mountain ridge.
In these times of framing spin,
looking for a view within.

We will be the spies in the field –
We will be checking out the gist of it –
We will be going out and search a new light
a new light.

Search and rescue
on a secret trail:
whatever can be done
to get the message through.
(what do you do)


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Armistice Day

Clip :
Lyrics by Stan Major

Armistice Day

Chorus A
Bm | G | F#m
Armistice Day
which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning
Dm | C | Bb | Am | Gm
chorus B — the “eleventh hour
of the eleventh day
of the eleventh month”
of 1918

100 years ago
war to end all wars
at the 11th hour
of the 11th day
of the 11th month
of 1918
Bm | G | F#m
the war to end all wars ended.
100 years ago
there were people
who thought we’d seen the worst
… who were blinded to the future
… who couldn’t see that we were cursed.
Chorus B
[interlude: ]
Dresden, Nagasaki,
Hiroshima, Shock and awe
Chorus A
Those who own death
… they think they have won
… we need to scream at these people
… show them what they’ve really done.

They keep standing so proud
… amidst suffering and gore
… we can’t let them believe
what they think they are anymore
Chorus A
… Those who own death
need to totally own what they’ve done
… own every life,
daughter, mother, son, and father
they’ve killed

In 2118
where will we be
eleven o’clock in the morning?

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ISRC NL-1BH-18-00002

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Zagreb – instrumental


NL-1BH-18-00001 – ISRC


Violin+ VST’s: FB30064 by Full Bucket Music, Drumatic & Tunefish4

Pictures in the clip from Zagreb, Croatia, August 2018.

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Modern Plantain on several platforms

Modern Plantain is an instrumental piece, already on soundcloud since a few months. I used Distrokid to put it out on several platforms:

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Truth is true

new song – also on soundcloud and youtube, and discussed at

Always happy to pick up comments and feedback.

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