Armistice Day

Clip :
Lyrics by Stan Major

Armistice Day

Chorus A
Bm | G | F#m
Armistice Day
which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning
Dm | C | Bb | Am | Gm
chorus B — the “eleventh hour
of the eleventh day
of the eleventh month”
of 1918

100 years ago
war to end all wars
at the 11th hour
of the 11th day
of the 11th month
of 1918
Bm | G | F#m
the war to end all wars ended.
100 years ago
there were people
who thought we’d seen the worst
… who were blinded to the future
… who couldn’t see that we were cursed.
Chorus B
[interlude: ]
Dresden, Nagasaki,
Hiroshima, Shock and awe
Chorus A
Those who own death
… they think they have won
… we need to scream at these people
… show them what they’ve really done.

They keep standing so proud
… amidst suffering and gore
… we can’t let them believe
what they think they are anymore
Chorus A
… Those who own death
need to totally own what they’ve done
… own every life,
daughter, mother, son, and father
they’ve killed

In 2118
where will we be
eleven o’clock in the morning?

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ISRC NL-1BH-18-00002

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Zagreb – instrumental


NL-1BH-18-00001 – ISRC


Violin+ VST’s: FB30064 by Full Bucket Music, Drumatic & Tunefish4

Pictures in the clip from Zagreb, Croatia, August 2018.

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Modern Plantain on several platforms

Modern Plantain is an instrumental piece, already on soundcloud since a few months. I used Distrokid to put it out on several platforms:

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Truth is true

new song – also on soundcloud and youtube, and discussed at

Always happy to pick up comments and feedback.

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Jellyfish Sprite


New collaborative song written & recorded by ProgrockDan1 (Daniel Lockhart) frmo Carmel, USA & yours truely.

Jellfish Sprite is an interesting meteorological phenomenon and was mentioned by Kelly Rowley which led us to make the song.

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Tale of the navigator


this one started of by recording a cajon and a snare drum. After that I added many layers of different instruments: violin, mandoline, banjo, bass and some synth parts. Then I re-edited the cajon and snare to get a bit of coherence. I could call this incidental music, and it might be used for the Brendan musical I am currently writing with Dan Lockhart and Share Pillay.

Discussed at the Songwriters Kitchen Forum



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