Check this out – collaboration with learningtoplay

New collaboration with Simon from learningtoplay, Australia.

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Three wheels across Europe

Instrumental music made for a clip containing amateur footage from 1949. I found the video via in the Prelinger Archives collection. The film shows streetscenes from Paris 1949. I presume it is part of a longer film shot in Europe.

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Melody as is

Capo on F#
Picture Flickr CC BY Martinak15

Started of with two chords that sort of wrote itself in to this song quite quickly. I am not sure yet about the lyrics and way of singing. Could be more rock ‘n’ roll or even funky. But the mood is there that I was looking for. So I consider this a demo for the moment.

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Capistrano Birds

Listen to this beauty!

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Table – 4 track EP on bandcamp

wondering how this embedded player will look like.

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Started this track in January by playing drums and bass. A month later added synth organ. Then had the Korg D888 removed to another house where there was a piano. So I added 3 parts of piano. In this mix I used parts of each of them. Then a few montsh later Eric & Kelly were kind enough to add their musical input.
The clip contains pictures by Mark Hoogslag.

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Move a mountain

Why don’t you come out & play
catch the sun
while it is rising.
Jump that train
or at least get to the station.
pick up yourself,
ain’t it time to get a movin’.

Why don’t you pick up the phone
talk to me when you’re lonely.
I’m telling you brother:
no time to waste.
The dayglow has come
& the night erased.

Move a mountain

Why don’t we get up & dance
there’s a chance to be taken.
Radio waves!
No need to be insulted
Leftwing or rightwing
United we stand,
Gotta keep tracking
give me a hand.

Why don’t we cut out the crap
nearly all of us
are so highly strung
we just snap.
Into the future
where it all belongs.
remember the days
when we were searching still
for that hole
we had to fill.

Move a mountain
(while the loving is nature)


recorded 8 – 12 august 2016. Cubase 8: 6 Midi tracks, 2 guitar, 2 vocal + 1 Vdrum track.



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