Headed down the Citrus Road

new music – on bandcamp, and soundcloud too . Comments welcome, here, there and anywhere.


Contains sounds from the freeware VST Firebird –


ISRC code NL-1BH -19-00007



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Mark Hollis

RIP Mark David Hollis 4/1/1955 – 25/2/2019

Sadly and unexpectedly Talk Talk sing singwriter Mark Hollis passed away. In this post I will collect some interviews and articles, quotes and possibly booktitles that are worthy your attention.

Audio interview about Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock


Interview with Holger in’t Veld – probably around 1998.


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Had a most enjoyable but too short trip to Vézelay, France, in the last week of February. Having been there before on a secondary school excursion, many moons ago, I remembered the place as quite vibrant, an impressive medieval town , monastery, Basilica of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine cathedral – something like Mont St. Michel.

But Vézelay, though very impressive still is actually a small village – with two hotels, two restaurants, and not too much public transport.

The medieval buildings are standing tall on the hill and the views are magnificent. For history lovers : it is the place where Bernard of Clairvaux proclaimed the third crusade (the one with King Richard Lionheart).


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Amsterdam state of mind

An instrumental mix is available at

A clip available at youtube:

Discussion on the forum:

For this months challenge at the https://www.songwriter-forum-kitchen.com/ Songwriters in the Kitchen Forum (do join, it is a merry congregation)
we had some online lyric generators as input for writing a song.
I used https://www.song-lyrics-generator.org.uk/.

and got the lyrics as seen below.
Although a bit silly at certain points, there were other typical sentences that sort of started of this song.

Amsterdam state of mind

Yeah, yeah
brothers sisters, it’s time.
It’s time, brothers sisters (brothers sisters, begin).
Straight out the green dungeons of rap.

The garden drops deep as does my guitar.
I never play, ’cause to play is the sister of far.
Beyond the walls of dogs, life is defined.
I think of hope when I’m in an Amsterdam state of mind.

Hope the far got some spar.
My star don’t like no dirty car.
Run up to the bar and get the avatar.
In an Amsterdam state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The crazy garden?
You complain about Kitchen.
I gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the chardin.

Thoughtful, mild, cold, like a sun
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were fun.
I can’t take the Kitchen, can’t take the road.
I woulda tried to jump I guess I got no goad.

Yea, in an Amsterdam state of mind.

When I was young my sister had a pardon.
I waz kicked out without no arden.
I never thought I’d see that jardin.
Ain’t a soul alive that could take my sister’s chardin.

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Berlin Nachtfenster

New instrumental, comments welcome.

See clip at https://youtu.be/cnZ5SlQr9Fo

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New music: “To Athens” – instrumental

New #instrumental track @soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/oorlab/to-athens “To Athens” – downloadable for now. Comments welcome.

I started this with recording tow tracks of drums, on that overdubbing synths, 4 tracks of percussion, then guitar, and after that iterating new edit rounds by taking out certain elements from the original drums.

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Chinese whispers

Winner of the january 2019 Challenge
on the Songwriters in the Kitchen forum

Chinese whispers

Chinese whispers
Japanese tears;
That lasted years.
What did I know
on my island of blue
All that happened,
I wish I knew.

They left me alone –
in the cruel jungle
but in the end
I asked for the order
to give up my gun
I did was I told
as I have been told.

Chinese whispers
Japanese tears;
In the school of nature
I learned to live.
Dark is the day,
Dark is the night.
When will I step
out in the light?

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