Recommending Heartscore

Heartscore (Dirk Radloff from Hamburg)  has a fine collection of songs on Spotify. I can recommend them all, specially Love is like whiskey. Tasty guitars!

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Postcards from Berlin

Had the pleasure to visit Berlin in the third week of October. @ clips + music can be seen & heard here:

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Check this out – collaboration with learningtoplay

New collaboration with Simon from learningtoplay, Australia.

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Three wheels across Europe

Instrumental music made for a clip containing amateur footage from 1949. I found the video via in the Prelinger Archives collection. The film shows streetscenes from Paris 1949. I presume it is part of a longer film shot in Europe.

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Melody as is

Capo on F#
Picture Flickr CC BY Martinak15

Started of with two chords that sort of wrote itself in to this song quite quickly. I am not sure yet about the lyrics and way of singing. Could be more rock ‘n’ roll or even funky. But the mood is there that I was looking for. So I consider this a demo for the moment.

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Capistrano Birds

Listen to this beauty!

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Table – 4 track EP on bandcamp

wondering how this embedded player will look like.

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