One leg dancing

clip for One leg dancing – thanks to Gosia & Tim & friends

One leg dancing

Hey, the moon is out tonight.
Catch us dancing, to a timing that is just ’bout right

Show, show what you can do
One leg dancing is no easy thing to do.

Get balanced, don’t slip overboard.
It takes some practice, a rhythm and a chord.

Move, or at least don’t stand still.
One leg dancing, if you can’t, you bet I will.

So, where have you been?
Come & try the moves, – that rule the scene.

Unwind and at ease, when you’re dancing…

Who, who you want to be?
One leg dancer, careless & free.

Get balanced, stick to the floor,
Essential swaying, if you like it you can get some more.

Roll over, then jump back again,
One leg dancing, every woman, every man

Slave, slave to the beat
If you can, join the boogie, or tap your feet

Say, say what you wanna say
Speak to me with body language, ’till the break of day.

Dance, dance to the groove
If you can, do the boogie, yeah

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New music : “Resume”

After re-installation of my music software on a new PC I have made some instrumental tracks to check some VST’s I had in my library previously.
One of these pieces is called Resume and can be heard and downloaded on Soundcloud

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Sea Lion

The music for this clip was recorded with a Korg D888 8track digital recorder,and a few basic tracks on a Roland EG-101 groovekeyboard. Added to that some guitars and V-drums, and a bit of singing. The clip was made with various snippets found as creative commons material on Flickr.

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Future Journeys – album

New album, 8 songs and an instrumental. Comments most welcome.

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Base camp above the clouds, Ama Dablam Expedition, Nepal

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Harlingen promenade

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2nd try-out Roland EG-101

Instrumental recorded with Korg D888 8 track 24 bit digital multitrack recorder and Roland EG-1010 Groovebox.

See this review from february 1999 on Sound on Sound by Derek Johnson and Debbie Poyser

Roland EG-101 Groovekeyboard synthseizer, from the collection of the author – june 2021

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What plants do

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Ship Lock

This is an instrumental recorded with my Korg D888, featuring a recently acquired second head ‘vintage’ synthesizer Roland EG-101, groovekeyboard. It has a nice feature to play with: an infrared D-beam.

See also

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