Recommending Kamilya by Youmna Saba

Interesting music from Beirut, Lebanon

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Wrong – featuring Linda Heirbaut


I was happy to get in touch with Dave (Snowman) Todd again. He is a prolific musician and fine online companion. He proposed to make this song with Linda Heirbaut from Belgium. She had the lyrics and main melody , Dave came up with the chords. Eric played bass and I did the violin, guitars, percussion and the mix. Hoping to work more with these guys.

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Copenhagen – Bent Cousin & mark Hoogslag

Pat & Amelia, the amenable Bent Cousins were kind enough to ask me to do something with their song Copenhagen. I was lucky to get a saxophone part from Mark Hoogslag almost immediately after asking him. So the mix I made and backing track I made was sort of jazz oriented.

You can hear & follow Bent Cousin here:

and Mark Hoogslag:

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King’s shilling will be my lot


Collaboration done by Mark J. Bennett, Progrockdan – Daniel Lockhart and yours truly. Started in January, Finished in the first week of April. A video accompanies the song.

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New album “Forest run”

9 original songs, 3 collaborations, 3 instrumentals.

Imagine yourself running though the forest, and the trees running with you in a way. No path follows a straight line here.

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Writings on the wall

Inspired by minimal techno / house music from Berlin on the lable Ostgut. This track has 128 BPM and features a freeware Minimogue VST that you can read about and download on the KVR website.

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Had the pleasure to visit (one of) the most beautiful Lighthouse(s) in the Netherlands – Brandaris in the Waddensea


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