Sunflowers – new on Bandcamp


This track started out as a groove on the newly acquired second hand snare drum (10 euro’s on the Vrijmarkt on Queen’s day to be precise).

Later on several layers were added, and some lyrics. Parts of the vocals were treated with a vocoder effect.

MLucas was kind enough to provide fine Sunflower pictures,



And when the moon comes to shine
on the sunflowers
you’ll see them grow & grow
hour by hour,
it goes so fast, can it last.

How can we see the plants are moving?
Timelapse, recap, synapse, insert.

A cat is crawling in the grass,
king of the garden more or less
Sunflowers bathing in the light
the summer is feeling just about right.

Come to the harvest of mint and sage
Sunflowers brighten this day & age.
bees are buzzing, trees unfolding.
Sunflowers paint the seance you’re holding.
Come to the river, come to the sea.
Come and see the sunflowers with me


About oorlab

musician, recording, studio, improvisation
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