Mixcloud – sharing and embedding

mixcloud-working-on-it-oorlab-embedding-playerI tried to embed from Mixcloud on WordPress but it doen’t seem to work. Apparantly

The track page gives an option for “Embed play widget”. You then have the option to copy code which starts with <iframe etc.
That code didn’t work. There is also a link that says “Can’t use the iframe embed code?”. Clicking on that gives a code that starts with  <object width=”600″ height=”360″><param name=”movie” value=”//www.mixcloud.com/media/swf/player/ etc.

I tried that one too here on WordPress but without any results. If anyone knows a way, i’d be thankful to get a hint or tip.
Here is a direct link:

This timestamped mix are 4 instrumental tracks I am working on. With these I try some experimental synth sounds with a 4onthefloor beat.


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musician, recording, studio, improvisation
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