Song started on March 21st 2014
early demo with violin, piano, two lyrics on Emeraz

Second version 2 guitar parts, lyrics changed, 4th april on Bandcamp

Youtube clip with screencast of the mix in Cubase can be seen here


Magnolia, magnolia, innocence got ripped
like a page from a book.
They talk of war, and I’ve heard it before
stealing secrets from the library.

Look at those stars, ain’t that love
Tunnel vision, from above.
Look at those stars, shining bright.
Open the streets, with some morning light.

Fool was I, to let you go,
I heard you’re dancing on that stage of rage.
Take a hand, step away,
shouldn’t be stuck in that same old cage.

Rough reality, oh can’t you see,
they scare you with violence,
wash your brain with fear.


Divided by chasms, redolent am I,
Zero sum, can we be one.
Analysis, analysis, how could I forsake
this once & future kiss.
Magolia, magnolia
Short cut season, gone with the sun

Look at that moon, rising soon,
over that blue lagoon


About oorlab

musician, recording, studio, improvisation
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