Fool for love

A version mastered by Régulo Tortolero from The Plugs is on

Thanks to Cees for singing on this one. The track evolved over many moons, expanded, shortened – guitars & effects added and taken out again. From each iteration some fragment was left – so it is a bit of a strange brew: quite some layers in this one. But the message remains – we are fools for love.
Picture : Jean Darnell, 1915 (archive photoplay)

Carry on the moment
present itself right here,
gazing at the stage
wonder if the time is near.
Something I want to tell you
but it doesn’t feel right.

Checking all the lines
as soon as the bassdrum’s set.

She is a fool for love and she knows it
Well I am a fool for love and I know it.

She is coming,
she is going.
But a fool goes around:
no-one seems to try,
no-one seems to hide.

Things that I know I’ve had in mind.

And the fool for love ‘s been around:
she is a fool for love and she knows it.


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