Sindbad & The whale

and the video clip

The new Song of the Sea is in 7/4 time. Daniel started out by trying a Middle Eastern feel. We were very lucky to get the Iranian / English singer Hossein Ragheb on board this song.

It deals with one of the stories from Thousand and one night (in Farsi : هزار و یک شب / Hezar-o-yek shab), where Sinbad (or Sindbad) the sailor arrives on an island that turns out to be a whale. In the meantime Shaharazad (Sherherazade) tells her story.

دوباره سندباد
به دریا میره
سفر در کشتی
از این جزیره
به اون جزیره

تا میرسه به
جزیره ای که
آروم نداره
آروم نداره

چه وقت خوابه
نهنگ بیداره
به قایق برگرد
وقت فراره

Here is a translation of the Farsi lyrics:

Sinbad, once again,
Goes to the sea
Travelling on a Ship
From this island
To that island

Until he arrives
On this odd island
Which is not still
Which is not still

It’s not time to sleep
The whale is awake
Go back to the boat
It’s time to escape


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