20/02/2016 – Bentcousin-Widening the Vision (2016)

Glad to see this fine review on the Bent Cousin Album


Bentcousin’s self-titled album perfectly conjures up the love, loss and redemption that defines our collectives youths

“You’re not supposed to like Bentcousin” says the sticker on Bentcousin’s new self-titled album. At first this seems off putting but after its contents have started playing you realise that there isn’t really much not to like from the Twins Murray. Amelia and Patrick stories of love, rejection and redemption, might only last a meagre thirty five minutes, but there isn’t much chaff here.

Fuck the Queen opens the album in fine form. Despite the title it’s not really a scathing attack on Old Liz, nor a-decry for the monarchy to be ripped down. Musically it takes a melody indie pop route and is a rather sweet ditty about young love. Now before I get into this there are a lot of smart lyrics in this song, but the one that resonated most is…

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