Spy in the Library



Last week I was trying to figure out how to play Bob Marley’s Redemption song, when this riff came to me. I worked on it for some days, filling in the blanks quite fast. Thanks to @progrockdan for comments on an earlier version.
Dedicated to the librarians past present and future.

Spy in the library

Expecting to be instructed
as soon as I cover my tracks
I didn’t do it for the money
only aimed for balance and checks

As this rain keeps on falling,
It feels like the sun won’t come back,
through this window of opportunity:
The light seeps through the crack.

Tonight I am the spy
In the library.
I’ll keep watching
from the hollow tree.

You know where I am coming from
and also where I am going to,
back to the holo deck, in the harbour town,
I’ll be waiting on you.


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musician, recording, studio, improvisation
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