New song – 2 tracks acoustic guitar, Vdrums, keys (bass, strings, piano) and 2 tracks vocals.


Tell me the story
of the lighthouse
out of the window
to the east.

Looking out
over fields of green
must be the deepest horizon,
we’ve ever seen.

So hard to say
so long, goodbye.
Whenever you’re ready
I am willing to try

Suddenly remember
heartlfelt & in motion
as we re-energized.

Into the night
and out of the way
the fog comes
climbing from the day.

Watching the sun rise
from the bed
on which I was laying
cold on my head.

A pelican’s flying
over your house,
a good way of telling
the road to the south.

A forest can give you
homesteading and more
a new way of living,
search & explore.


About oorlab

musician, recording, studio, improvisation
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One Response to Homesteading

  1. Joel Latterell says:

    Very interesting. Very different.

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