New music August – October 2019

After Upgrading from 7 to 10 of the you know which operating system, I had and still have some ‘compatibility’ issues, with the music hard- and software that I used for years in 7, without any real problem. Here are some recent tracks I managed to extract from the machine in 10. Probably some moons will pass before I can get back to my usual workflow, where the oddities of the software and PC don’t interfere with the plain musicmaking.

Comments welcome, here & on soundcloud.

Instrumental featuring the violin – picture is from lake Vrana on the Croatian island Cres.

A song for the bimonthly( or so ) songwriting challenge on the Songwriter Forum Kitchen. The them was ‘ghost related’, in the broadest sense.

A short instrumental – to test a new installation of the PC.

Login – a song inspired by ‘computerproblems’
Login or retrieve
No machine can hold you down
The word is, I believe:
“We are the city,
We can make that sound!”

Login or release
and if trust is so denied
Blind & blunt
The whistle blows
And the pale rider’s coming close.

Login your heart, I know
Login to time, that’s here & real.

An instrumental, mostly Synthmaster One (KV331), acoustic guitar and some Halion. Some of the plugins and settings were not stable during the making of this, I found out that my motherboard is actually not well equipped to run 10. I am not sure how this exactly effects my Cubase setup, but I guess I will have to continue tweaking the DAW and hardware.

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