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New 12 string guitar

Long standing wish fulfilled this week, got myself a Cort 12 string guitar. The sound has a ind on its own 🙂 wonderful overtones and natural grip. Here two first recordings

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The end is a beginning new tune with both electronic, midi and acoustically recorded drums. The end is a beginning Superheated by the sunyou ventured out on the street.Got suckered intoanother tourist trap,hell yeah! I heard you started taking pillsand went on the road … Continue reading

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Proximal Assess this situation: from ‘what’s going on’ to ‘where it’s at’. This disease across the nation, Did it really jump from a dirty old bat? The race to trace what is untestable, Embedded in your model is a black … Continue reading

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Theorbo and violins

Two pieces with a Theorbo (Teorbe, Basluit in Dutch) lent to me by Dietmar Fritze. “Labyrinth of libraries” has 2 different violins, one built by Peter van der Hoeven, and one older instrument bought at Alexander Oosten ‘s violin workshop … Continue reading

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The future is for those who believe

the future the future the future is for those who believe but you can see them in my eyes in the beauty of their dream my ancestors long ago.

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Change in the wind

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Remember the future & Prepperland

Two new songs recently launched. One is a collaboration with learningtoplay called Remember the future The other is a solo-effort, inspired by an article I read in the Economist about Troglodytes (aka as preppers) called How to await the apocalypse … Continue reading

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Warts & all I was caught by surprise: Tell me, tell me, Where have you gone? I am listening now, To your song – Listening still, Listening here. Selention. Drifting drifting on the sea, Tides are turning between you & … Continue reading

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New music August – October 2019

After Upgrading from 7 to 10 of the you know which operating system, I had and still have some ‘compatibility’ issues, with the music hard- and software that I used for years in 7, without any real problem. Here are … Continue reading

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Tomcat on the doorstep

This is an instrumental, funk-based, inspired by the open sound of Steely Dan. Also on Bandcamp and (in a slightly different version) on youtube ISRC NL-1BH -19-00011

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